Healing with Biotherapy

Invitation to the Symposium

Biotherapy with living organisms has a rich history and the extensive medical literature on bacteriophages and maggots is dating back to the beginning of last century.Biotherapy is now enjoying an impressive renaissance, driven by its proven clinical impact,modern discoveries in biotechnology and gene therapy, and the increasing levels of bacterial resistance to our arsenal of antibiotics. In addition to Biotherapy’s increasing impact on clinical practice, it also provides a fascinating set of topics for scientific research. Following the extraordinary success of the International Biotherapy Society in Sivas/ Turkey in 2003 the Gesellschaft für Biotherapie has the pleasure to organize a joint scientific event for both societies for the first time.

We are very pleased to invite you to this event, to share with your colleagues the profound insights being developed as we explore the thrilling world of biological therapeutics, which have developed over millions of years due to the process of natural selection – for the benefit of our patients.